Why big brows are back!

If you've been following recent beauty trends, then you're no stranger to the big brow look! Eyebrow styles have been evolving throughout centuries, yet the big brow look has reappeared in recent years... And here's why!

Throughout the 90's and early to mid 00's we saw a wave of over-plucked and thinly drawn brows, many of us were victims of this trend! We didn't know any better, and some over-plucked to the point of no return (well, almost) 

The truth is, that very thin eyebrows can appear to look ageing and can alter the look of other facial features, such as the eyes. Whereas thick eyebrows are a sign of youth and can actually make the eyes stand out more, especially if the brows are groomed to suit the face.

Eyebrows are the one facial feature that can change our look dramatically, which is why there is such a huge focus on eyebrows nowadays.

As we age, our eyebrow hairs tend to get sparser and in some instances, lighter. So maintaining fuller looking brows is the secret to a more youthful appearance!

The Zazthetics Brow Balm can help to achieve fuller and more defined brows, it can also lift the hairs in a desired direction which can heighten the brow arches and tame brow hairs that are stubborn and grow in an awkward direction.

The Brow Balm isn't just for thick brows, yes it will improve the appearance of thick brows and hold them down for long periods of time, but it also works wonderfully to enhance thin eyebrows, by fluffing them up and managing the direction in which the hairs naturally sit.

The Brow Balm also nourishes the brows and can help with hair growth, since the formula has nourishing properties and doesn't chemically laminate the brows (chemical treatments can result in hair loss) therefore it is a safer alternative and can also prolong lamination visits (for those who get their eyebrows laminated) 

If you've been thinking of ways on how to best manage your eyebrows and which methods to use to keep them looking on-point, you can check out our other blog posts as we have previously discussed eyebrow maintenance and shared our best brow advice! 


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  • I love reading these blog posts! So much useful info. Pls keep them coming. I have tried the brow balm and it’s my fave makeup and I find myself using it every day, it does exactly what has been described in this post. I look forward to reading more from you guys xox


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