The honest truth about eyebrows

Here's the thing (the honest truth) most of us have been there, bad eyebrows! Yes, the rapidly changing trends of eyebrows, or as they call it 'brow culture' which has resulted in over-plucking, dodgy tattoos, streak shaving and sharp lining of eyebrows over the years! Most of us are no strangers to this - And we panicked when the pencil-thin brow trend turned into the big bushy brow trend! So, how to reverse years of over-plucking and drawing on ultra thin eyebrows? 

Most people's eyebrow hairs do grow back (although this may differ depending on the removal methods, such as laser hair removal) but if you've plucked, waxed or shaved your eyebrows the hairs will grow back in most cases. But how fast they grow will depend on several factors such as your age and overall health and it may take some time and patience.

We're currently seeing a variety of brow trends in 2022, there's the laminated look, the bushy look and the sleek look. most of these looks can be achieved by using the Zazthetics Brow Balm, it's the quickest and easiest way to style your eyebrows and gain natural looking results!

The Brow Balm really is a game changer, especially for people who have struggled with eyebrow upkeep and taming their hairs (some hairs tend to grow in odd directions which results in eyebrows looking thinner than they really are) that's where the Brow Balm comes into the picture, it can instantly lift those hairs and direct them, resulting in a nicer shape, higher arch and even thicker looking brows!

Brow styling doesn't need to be a timely task and amazing results can be achieved with the Brow Balm. As you may know, well-groomed brows can highlight your best features. The right eyebrow shape can also positively change your appearance and make you look more youthful. Whichever look you choose to go with, the Brow Balm will have you covered!

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