Prepare your skin for winter!

For those of you who are in Australia, we've entered Autumn and soon enough winter will be on our doorstep! I personally prefer the warmer seasons and like many of you, my skin also tends to prefer it! Some parts of Australia can get quite cold in winter, especially when falling into the minuses (eek)

The problem with winter is that it can be terrible for skin, the cold and frosty conditions outside can leave skin feeling red and painful, while the indoor heat snatches moisture from the air and also from the skin! Being indoors with the heater running frequently can seriously dry the skin and strip it from that glowy, dewy radiance. 

Thankfully, there are some ways to combat dry skin and keep it moist and hydrated during the colder seasons.

  • Apply Sunscreen

Yes that's right, you should apply sunscreen all year round, regardless of the temperature outside. Sunscreen doesn't need to be limited to Summer, it can help keep the skin moist, hydrated and also protect it from UV rays. 

So before going outside, apply Sunscreen (with an SPF30+ preferably 50+) to all exposed areas of your body, especially your face since it will have the most sun exposure in winter.

  • Run a humidifier

You can run a humidifier in your home on those days that you're going to spend indoors. It's also a good idea to run it on overnight while you’re sleeping. Running a humidifier will restore moisture in the air and help keep your skin more hydrated!

  • Skincare routines are a must

Remember to keep on top of your skincare routine, for maximum results it's best to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise (especially during the colder months) the Zazthetics Silicone Cleansing Pad does a great job of both exfoliating and cleansing the skin! 

  • Shower temperature

Long and steamy showers seem like a great idea when it’s freezing cold and it feels so relaxing to water your body down in the warmth, but hot water can dry out the skin, so try not to take showers that are a bit too hot, instead it's a good idea to turn the hot water down a notch. Not to say you can't enjoy a warm shower, but sometimes we tend to adapt our bodies to water that's too hot for our skin, which in return can really dry it out!

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