Makeup hacks that work!

Are you always looking for quick and easy ways to improve your makeup application while achieving the ultimate results? 

You're in luck, because there are so many useful hacks that you can apply to your makeup routine, try them for yourself!

You can use the Zazthetics Silicone Infused Beauty sponge for applying foundation and also concealer, the best way to apply concealer with the sponge is to use the pointed tip (works a treat between the eye-nose area) and it also works wonderfully to conceal dark circles.

Apply serum before foundation to achieve that glowing dewy finish, it'll also help spread the foundation more evenly and smoothly.

Apply eye-shadow before concealer and foundation, that way you can remove any excess pigment from underneath or around your eyes (baby wipes and makeup wipes are a great way to wipe off excess eye-shadow)

If you want to achieve a sharp cat-eye look with eye-shadow, you can stick micro-pore tape to the outer corners of your eyes prior to applying the eye-shadow, then when you are finished with the application, peel the tape off and you'll be left with a sharply defined edge that looks amazing.

Is your favourite mascara getting dry and clumpy? Not to worry, just put two or three drops of contact lens solution into your mascara tube, close the tube and shake it well to allow the solution to mix with the mascara and the clumps will disappear! Such a useful hack if you have contact lens solution handy.

If your eyebrows are sparse and the hairs are growing in random directions, you can use the Zazthetics Brow Balm to direct the hairs into a more desired shape and also use it to move the hairs into the sparse and patchy sections of your eyebrows, this will hold them in place for hours.

Have you ran out of your adored brow pomade? Don't worry, you can dip an angled brush into some water and then dip the brush into an eye-shadow colour (whichever colour works best for you) this will turn the eye-shadow powder into a creamy paste-like texture, similar to a pomade, it won't be identical but it'll get you through until you buy another pot of pomade.

Blink smudge, we all hate it and it happens often! If you blink while applying your mascara and are left with a black smudge on your eyelid or under your eyes, don't panic because this hack always works! Wait a couple of minutes until the smudge dries, then grab a clean spoolie and just wipe the smudge away with it! It's very easy and effective.


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  • Love this product, doesn’t need to be activated, absolutely clear so no was left over, perfect consistency, and hold is amazing

    Tiarni Thompson

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