How to get your dream eyebrows!

Have you ever looked at your eyebrows and thought, they need improving?

Well, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your eyebrows look more groomed and styled, with minimum effort!

We suggest using the Zazthetics Brow Balm, for sculpting your eyebrows, as it will be able to give you several different looks (laminated, fluffy, sleek) and it only takes a few seconds to apply! what our customers love about the Brow Balm is that you can customise your eyebrows to sit a certain way, by pulling the hairs into a desired direction. If your brows are flat, or the hairs are turned in - You can just pull them up, or in a more angled direction, which can give you a higher arch and definition!

The Brow Balm doesn't require any chemical activation process and it will keep your eyebrow hairs nourished and smooth, while holding them in place.

Other steps that you can take are easy and very effective. Our Mini Beauty Tool Kit is perfect for brow maintenance, so these are our tips on how to best use the tools!

The Mini Beauty Tool Kit includes tweezers, so you can pluck any hairs that are out of place - And you can even use the scissors to trim long hairs that make your brows look uneven. Our favourite tool is the brow blade, as it's great at removing the fuzz between the eyes and above the brows! 

We recommend that you take these steps to achieve the best results, although you can definitely finish off the look with a brow pomade or pencil - To give your brows a sharper and more chiselled look! 

We hope you liked these tips!

Perfect Eyebrows with Zazthetics

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